Court Representation

Lawyer in courtBurness Paralegal specializes in representing operators and drivers of commercial motor vehicles charged as a result of road-side inspections, colissions, moving violations or as a result of a facility audit. Specializing in Provincial Offences Court defending charges laid by the Ministry of Transportation, Ontario Provincial Police and local community Police. Aggressive representation to charges laid under Highway Traffic Act, Dangerous Goods Act.


On-going Communication

man is answering or hanging up the phone in an officeBurness Paralegal communicates with clients on a regular basis. Our standard procedure and courtroom protocol requires signed authorizations, We request driver synopsis, and as a matter of normal practice, we always request and review disclosure provided by the Court in order that we can provide our client with all pertinent facts in order to make an informed decision or to plan our best defence to charges laid. Burness provides clients with disclosure review memos, document checklists and correspondence detailing court appearances, motion dates, and trial outcomes.


Trial Preparation

wooden gavel and books on wooden table on brown backgroundBurness Paralegal enters a courtroom READY, WILLING AND ABLE to aggressively protect our client’s rights. Although at times it is in the best interest of the client to resolve a matter prior to going to trial, Burness Paralegal takes pride in our reputation of being one of the most successful and aggressive defensive litigators in Provincial Offences Court.

Burness Paralegal Services
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